Somewhere in Belfast. August 2023. Photo: Pierre Marc D. © P. S.

I am a business historian, a writer and a journalist based in the UK.

Besides three poetry collections - Orisons in the Dark (2023), Lola in Belfast (2024), and Against Our Will (2025), I am currently working on a book of narrative non-fiction. 

Economic History is purpose. 
Writing is catharsis. Journalism is passion. 

Here are my great positives. 

More? Really, no need to. I suck at self-promotion and find it very vain. But if you have extra time, may be, go here and here.

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Thumbnail image credit for section ‘Staying in the Game’: Manan Oberoi, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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Writes 'Enterprise Reads'. Books: Orisons in the Dark (2023), Lola in Belfast (2024)