The world as we know is undergoing momentous transformations. From driverless cars to cashless transfers to e-commerce, the way we do business, live, communicate, network and exchange information are changing. Companies we thought were invincible have slipped into obsolescence and newer ones we did not envisage have emerged. Conglomerations of people, nations and communities today are connected through markets, networks, and shared resources in an increasingly “flat world”. Yet, the global patterns of social and economic change continue to exhibit a complex co-existence of the old and new, the traditional and the primitive, the formal and the informal institutions in modern economies. In 2020, I started this newsletter to make sense of what goes inside businesses, economies and societies over time and how that shapes our present.

What can I expect from EconHistorienne?

EconHistorienne will include essays, book reviews, and reading lists on the best of research and journalism in business (history), economy, and culture. Broadly, the themes would revolve around the future of capitalism, globalisation, and the role of culture / informal institutions on economic growth / business / entrepreneurship. These will be under a paywall. Please write to me for access if you aren’t a paid subscriber -

Occasionally, there will be posts on mental health, women at work, and running a startup, drawing from my personal experinece with both, and some of these would be free to read.

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