#7 Is it a good time for Atlas cycles to make a comeback?

Most certainly.

Dear readers

I know I could ask myself the same question - is it time for EconHistorienne to make a comeback? The hiatus was longer than promised. However, I am getting back in the coming weeks and gradually settling down with the changes in my life, including erratic sleep cycles, a new city and a new programme!

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During the break, I had the opportunity to reflect on the newsletter, what I want to write about and to create audience segments for different interests. Now that this has been done, I am raring to go.

But today, I wanted to share my op-ed in moneycontrol -

In this fast-altering universe that favours nostalgia associated with legacy brands, Atlas Cycles has plenty riding in its favour — its rich history from being the official supplier of bicycles to the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi to being the bicycle that made saree-clad women cyclists a currency in India. Its brand appeal cuts across generations and for decades purely built on the back of affordability, brand agility and product offerings that kept up with the times. There isn’t a better time for Atlas to come back into the race.

Now, why am I making a case for Atlas this strongly? History has some answers!

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